Interact Club

Interact, is a club for youth ages from 12 – 18 which provides one the opportunity to work together regardless of race, cast and creed, in a world fellowship fellowship dedicated to service and international understanding. It recognizes and develops constructive leadership and personal integrity.

The 1st movement of the Interact Club of St. Lawrence’s Convent began with our Charter Installation which was held on the 4th of May 2018 with 33 Interactors.

The driving force within our school to inaugurate this club was our charter president Chamodi Ushenya and our Staff Advisor Mrs Shenika Jayawardena who is the backbone of our club guiding us towards the betterment of the club.

Our board of Directors consist of;

 *    President  -Int. Chamodi Ushenya
 *    Vice President - Int. Meleena Bastian
 *    Secretary  - Int. Nazla Irshad
 *    Treasurer  - Int. Michelle De Joodt
 *    Sergeant at Arms - Int. Rachel De Silva
 *    Director of Finance – Int. Amaana Ismath
 *    Director of International Understanding – Int. Jennifer Perera
 *    Director of Community Service   – Int.  Haily Diaz
 *    Director of Club Service   – Int. Shayani Withanage
 *    Director of Green Life   – Int.  Hiranya Munasinghe


Up to date the projects done by the Interact Club of SLC are;


*    Hunt the Quiz & Tribute to my Alma Mater competitions of which awards were presented on the 118th school day which was held on the 3rd of August

*    An Ice cream stall & bookmark stall at the term end, of which we raised funds for a charity project.

*    Printing of the club t-shirts for all the interactors for the years 2018/2019 portraying the theme for the Interact year ‘Look Beyond Yourself’.


And many more upcoming projects…