Rules & Regulations

For the efficient administration of discipline, students are advised to abide by the following rules and regulations.

1. The school uniform is a white, low waist frock with four box pleats and the prescribed school pocket.

White socks and shoes should be worn. Wearing of gold bangles and chains is prohibited.

The hair should be neatly combed and tied with red ribbons.

2. All students should be punctual and be in school before 7.15 a.m on school days.

Late comers will be admitted only with a valid excuse, at the discretion of the principal.

3. All students should be regular in their attendance.

4. Absence from school due to any reason must be recorded in the Record Book, signed by a parent and counter signed by the class teacher.

5. Continued absence for a week or more should have the principal's approval.

6. Students should behave well, while travelling to and from school in whatever conveyance chosen.

Failure to observe this will result in an inquiry and stern action will be taken.

7. Students should respect and obey the school prefects who have been appointed to maintain good discipline.

8. No student should leave the school premises during school hours whatever the reason maybe, without the written permission of the principal.

9. All letters to students, addressed to the school will be scrutinized by the school authorities.

10. Students can bring their own breakfast and lunch or can opt to have it from the school canteen at specified times.

11. Students who attend afternoon or weekend classes or classes during holidays, should do so in their school uniform.

12. Damage to school property is liable to be recovered from the student.

13. Students are not allowed to appear in advertisements related to the media.

14. Parents can meet the teachers, if necessary only on the 1st Thursday of each month during school hours.