School Uniform

School uniform Pattern

1. Keep an opening on the left shoulder.

2. Depth of the neck line should be 2 1/2 "and the neckline facing should be wide.

3. Hem of the sleeve should be folded inside by".

4. Uniform waist should come down 4' below from her normal waist position.

5. 4 darts should be kept from front and back of the body part.

6. Letter "L" of the monogram on the pocket should come in a straight line with the front left dart.

7. Width of the Belt should be 1

8. Stitch 4 box pleats for the skirts.

9. Hem of the skirt should touch the ground when knelt down.

10. Pockets should be purchased from school.

11. Parents should attend to the cleanliness of the school uniform.